Business Wire – Independent Expert Report highlights the benefits of Mr. Benjamin Jayet’s proposals for shareholders

The Didider kling & associés firm has worked as an independent export to provide a analysis of Mr. Benjamin Jayet’s plan for Solocal. The independent report is available on the corporate site of Solocal Group.
Solocal Group has ordered a supplementary report of the Didier Kling & Associés on his corporate site. This report shows that Jayet’s complementary proposals are to grant more actions without any financial compensation leading to extra value to shareholders. The benefits for shareholders can be estimated at about 248M€.
Benjamin Jayet meaned to change the consequences of the financial restructuring plan for shareholders, involving free shares and warrants allocations to Solocal shareholders. Then the terms of the plan could be clearly more fair for the shareholders. It is obvious from the comparative analyses that Mr Benjamin Jayet’s proposals in his draft resolutions offer shareholders more favorable conditions owing to the granting of a much larger number of free shares.
Unfortunately for shareholders the amendments proposed by Mr Benjamin Jayet are not part of the revised plan approved by the Board of Directors and by the Creditors’ Committee. The arrangements proposed by Mr Benjamin Jayet in his draft resolutions would require discussions with the creditors to be re-opened.



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